The Chronic Job Hopper
By: Dave Wilkowske An autobiographical psychohistorical memoir
2000 - Audio Archive


Let's Talk Gardening Radio Show
Saturday - September 2, 2000

WGN-AM 720 kHz
From Tribune Tower Studio

50,000 Watts
Radio Audience Reach 

During daytime hours Illinois' mostly flat land and near-perfect ground conductivity gives WGN at least secondary coverage to almost two-thirds of Illinois (as far south as Springfield) as well as large slices of WisconsinIndianaMichigan and Iowa

FCC Designation: Class A (Clear Channel) which is just like WCCO-AM 830 in Mpls, MN. Very few stations have this designation.....goes way back to the early days of radio....

Segment 1 - Ad Lib sequence before show starts.....good example of how you can say just about anything early Saturday afternoon on a 50,000 watt radio long as it is decent !!

Segment 2 - Dave talks about how the test tube rose project started

Segment 3 Includes Ad Lib sequence all the way out for about 5 minutes talking more about the test tube rose project....

Final Segment - Dave wraps it up by talking about his website: about six minutes....

Other historical info from the time period......

It was the peak of the DOT COM Bubble a few months before the crash....the actual downturn did start in September 2000.

In March 2000 the NASDAQ was at 5,132.52. By Friday - 9-1-00 the NASDAQ dropped almost 1,000 points to 4,234.33. This was the day before the radio show. 

By 1-2-01 there was a drop of 45.9% and now the NASDAQ was trading at 2,291.86.

13 months after the radio show in October 2002, the NASDAQ dropped about 3,100 points to 1,108.49.