The Chronic Job Hopper
By: Dave Wilkowske An autobiographical psychohistorical memoir
ADHD Resources


(Note: Double-click the boldface and underlined titles to access the ADHD resource websites)


A very complete site with a chart area, lots of ADD information and links to other sites. Keeps up-to-date with the latest news in the ADD world. Sends out a email newsletter.

A very, popular active site with lots of information that is continually updated. Much of it is geared towards the needs of children with ADD/ADHD, but there is much here useful to adults. Sends out an email newsletter.

A site to learn more about based in London, England

All Kinds of Minds Institute

A wealth of information about learning disabilities, including resources for professional development, discussion groups and information about Dr. Levine’s All Kinds of Minds Institute.


Attention Deficit Disorder Association

This non-profit organization focuses on the needs of adults and young adults with ADD and ADHD. They sponsor an annual national conference on AD/HD. Be sure to check out their Frequently Asked Questions page.