The Chronic Job Hopper
By: Dave Wilkowske An autobiographical psychohistorical memoir
Free ADHD Self-Test

Click Here to Download the Free ADHD Adult-Self Test

With the permission of Todd Strauss – Research Assistant in the Department of Health Care Policy Institute at Harvard Medical School, I’m including a free self-test for ADHD for those individuals who might suspect they suffer from the disorder. Take the test even if you think you may not have ADHD.

This test is self-scoring and you can take this test with you to your medical provider if you feel you need to seek additional professional help.

Don't wait any longer to be diagnosed with ADHD. The sooner you know one way or another the better.

The following questionnaire can be used as a starting point to help you recognize the signs/symptoms of Adult ADHD but is not meant to replace consultation with a trained healthcare professional. An accurate diagnosis can only be made through a clinical evaluation. Regardless of the questionnaire results, if you have concerns about diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD, please discuss your concerns with your physician.